AME Catch Up: May so Far

Welcome back people. There is a lot to report.


Let’s start with Axel, err, Rodga. That’s right, Axel has changed his name. He will be known as Rodga (Raw-ja) from now on. It will take some getting used to but it’s not THAT dramatic of a change, right?

In the meantime here are the two newest releases from the young producer. The latter being a little different than you may have come to expect from him.

King Carlow

This past week the long awaited “CMPLX” mixtape from Brooklyn Emcee Chelsea Reject was finally released and as you’ve heard the project features production by King Carlow on 3 tracks.

On the last update we gave you Burning Bridges, on this one we’ll give you “Everything’s Change” and “Tree.”

If you’re feeling those tracks definitely jump over and stream the full tape/download at the link after the songs.

Full CMPLX Stream

-AME Team

AME Monthly Wrapup


Good Sunday Afternoon AME fans, friends, and followers.

There was a lot of activity from AME artists this past month. Here is a quick recap.

Axel Roger

On April 4th Axel Roger played in the East Meets Beats Showcase at the EMW bookstore in downtown Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Check the link to the podcast from the show. (The beat on the intro is Axel if you don’t recognize it). They start talking about Axel around 2:55

And on the 22nd Axel released this gem:

King Carlow

King Carlow stayed active these past few weeks doing several sets and beat battles.

The biggest news from the producer however was the release of the Chelsea Reject joint “Burning Bridges” on April 14th. Read up about the release at the Link. Or just stream it below. The “CMPLX” EP, which will feature production from King Carlow is set to be released May 11th.

Stay tuned!!!


King Carlow Joins the AME family

Join us in welcoming the newest member of the team, Miami based producer King Carlow (@KingCarlow)!

Carlow (formerly known as Carnage) has the distinction of being the first artist I managed during the Avant-Garde days. His beats tend to be soulful with the right amount of thump and though the style has remained consistent the skills have improved significantly since those days.

Carlow parted ways with Avant-Garde around the time the label was created and began his own label. His Dustbrain imprint is comprised primarily of artists from the state of Florida and while he has been busy with label responsibilities he has also gone on to land a few major credits of his own including the CJ Fly and Joey Bada$$ track “Sup Preme”.

His joining AME will expand our sound and give us a bigger platform for the things that we are looking to do this year and beyond. We could not be more excited about this addition. Stay tuned for more AME updates!


Edward Frost announcement

AME Depth

Hello all. By now, if you were paying attention, you noticed that the Edward Frost EP was not released last week following the promo video on the 6th and the single on the 13th. After having a week to chew on it here is what I am able to talk about publicly.

Some of you may have caught on that Clarence (Edward Frost) had moved from his Native St. Louis to South Carolina to work more directly with the label. He made the leap at the beginning of April and had been settling in nicely for the past month and a half.

We shot the video for watching winter about a week after he got here. He and I got up early enough to get to Finlay Park just as the sun came up. We got some good pictures. Got some good shots, bonded, talked about the album and the vision for the remaining videos.  If you notice in the first video the fountain is off. We actually got lucky with that. We wanted the intro video to be the opposite of the video for track 2. We went to the park early so there wouldn’t be many people there and it wouldn’t be very bright. We wanted the video to focus on the solitude he’s addressing in the track and have somewhat of a dead feeling in the park. The fountain just so happened to be broken which added to that affect. We added a tint to the video to make it look older/colder than it was as well. We were going to wait until the fountain was fixed (The mayor told me it would be fixed on the 23rd) to shoot video two, in the middle of the day where there were a lot of people to make them as different as possible.

Feedback on the single/video was positive. Very positive. For most it was their first time actually seeing Frost. For a few their first time hearing his music and then for others their first time hearing him in a long time. The video is almost to 250 views (probably will be there by the time you read this) and we were set to have a review for the EP on at least 2 sites, including DeadEndHipHop and we were working toward some new EP related merch for Frost as well.

Then the 20th happened. I noticed on the night of the 19th that Frost’s twitter was deactivated and was annoyed wondering why he would do that on the date of the release but it wasn’t the first time he had done that and I planned to just address it when I saw him the next day. Interestingly to me his car wasn’t there when I got up but I just thought he had gone to work early, maybe given a coworker a ride. I thought nothing of it. I checked on him at lunch and then after work and there was still no sign so then I went in his room, to see that all of his things were gone (All of the things that would fit into a car.) At that point I was talking to my guy Julius who was hosting the release on his new site Crown Feature and told him to hold off on the release. That it appeared Frost had disappeared. I spent the rest of that day trying to figure out where he could be and then what I was supposed to do about the release that we had planned.

I stayed silent.

Eventually people started asking where the project was and then I had to let it be known something was up. The reason the tape was not released as planned is because Clarence left the home that we signed a lease on together the morning of the 20th and went back home to St. Louis. A year to the day of his official signing to the label Clarence decided that he didn’t want to be a rapper any more. He left no note, he gave me no call, no text, no email, no sign that any of this was going to happen.

I went back through all of his posts on social media, emails, conversations we had in person and even looked up the forums that he frequented to see if there was something I missed and all I see is his excitement about the upcoming release. As recently as 3 days before the release/his departure he was talking about how his EP would officially be coming out and everywhere that I’ve looked I saw nothing but positive feedback. Peep this link on for an example as to the type of feedback he was receiving behind the scenes. I got an email on the 20th, before I confirmed that he was indeed gone, about potential shows in Charlotte for him. Things were looking good. There is literally no explanation for his decision besides perhaps a fear of success.

Ironically, we shot this video to announce the EP and after the fact I feel like I somewhat foreshadowed his impending departure.

After I was able to reach him he gave me an “explanation” but I’m not willing to accept any of it. I have been working with Frost since the summer of 2011. I picked him up for my management group because I saw his potential. His tape Haughton released that December got him a good bit of attention but in 2012 he never put anything out and then in August of 2012 he sent me an email saying he didn’t want to rap anymore. He felt the pressure to put out something “great.” He came back a few months later and I reluctantly accepted him. I kept him on a short leash during that time and sure enough in January of 2013 he sent yet another email telling me he didn’t want to rap and was done. This was right before we started the label so it was annoying but I was glad to be able to focus on the label at the time.

When we began our artist search he popped up again. I was cold with him, pretty much told him if he got in it wouldn’t be because I wanted him in but because the other members of the label did and he had to really earn it. He did. I was still reluctant at the time but the other members convinced me to give him another chance. I structured his deal with his prior history in mind so his departure isn’t as painful as it could be in that regard but I won’t get into that. After we signed him we decided not to bring in any other artists. We wanted to focus solely on him. The label lost a full year that could have been spent on another artist due to this but we will use this experience and grow from it.

There are other parts of his departure not related to the label that will not be addressed here.

We aren’t sure when we will look to sign another full time artist but we will continue to handle and take on artists for distribution for sure. I doubt I’ll be able to keep the team at bay for long so artists, be on the lookout for our next artist search.

In the meantime Axel’s “AEON” is still available for download via iTunes, Amazon, steam on Spotify and Rdio and physical copies available via Amazon as well.

I am debating what I want to do with the project. Feedback on what you think we should do would be great. You can hit us on Facebook or Twitter (label or individually) with questions or comments.

We appreciate your support during this time.

-Mike Bibbins on behalf of the AME Team

Axel Roger’s “AEON” Breaks Itune’s Top 50 Electronic Releases

Axel Roger - AEON iTunes chart
Axel Roger – AEON Chart position after 1st week


After being released last Tuesday Axel Roger’s AEON shot up the iTunes Electronic charts for new releases and overall albums. At one point over the weekend the album broke into the top 50 before settling it at #56 after the first full week. None of this would be possible without all of your support so thank you to everyone that went out and grabbed the album or even just one of the tracks. For those that haven’t had the chance there’s a tab on our FB page where you can stream through iTunes without leaving Facebook! (iTunes preview).

is a stream for you to get a taste of each of the songs on the album as well.

Again, thanks to everyone who has already supported Axel’s release. Physical copies will be available in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Axel Roger AEON iTunes top 50 songs
Position in the top 50 songs on Sunday 3/2
Axel Roger AEON top 50 new releases
Position in the top 50 new releases on 3/2

Axel Roger- AEON. Go download it now!

<Alright folks,

You’ve been great for us up to this point. Go out and support Axel by buying/streaming the LP. Hit all of the sites, some are cheaper than others. iTunes will have different art from the other sites as soon as they update it.

Here is a list of the places you can get the single:

iTunesAmazonGoogle PlaySpotify, Beats Music, Rdio, 7DigitalSony Qriocity, Zvooq, AT&T, Simfy live, Deezer, Rhapsody, eMusic, We7, Basepoint Media, 24/7 Entertainment, and JB Hi-Fi Now!

You’ll notice when you get to the sites that the version of Platos and Socrates is still up as well. That one will be coming down in early March so grab that too!

If it links in the paragraph above you can get it now!!!

Below are the two covers available for the album.


Axel Roger AEON

Axel Roger’s AEON Releases TONIGHT!

Axel Roger- AEON Alternate cover

Tonight Axel’s debut LP and the first LP released through Ambitious Minds Ent. will be available for purchase/streaming across various music platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more! We will be sure to get you the links  needed to purchase the album as soon as they go live.

As we mentioned before this release will help Axel fund his tours in the coming months so every purchase counts! Even if you can only buy one or two songs we thank you for your support. If you can’t afford to buy any but want to show your support stream the album on one of the streaming sites! If you like what you hear (or even hate it) give us reviews! We want to know how you feel about the music.

Stay tuned for future exclusives from Axel and ourselves!

In the meantime you can check out this album sampler released a few days ago.

Axel Roger AEON

Axel Roger signed to Distribution Deal

Axel Roger

After months of working behind the scenes we are pleased to announce that we have signed long time friend Axel Roger to a distribution deal for his upcoming album “AEON.” We have known Axel for several years and we are excited to be a part of this release. You may remember Axel when we released the single Platos and Socrates shortly after our inception last year. He has been working on this album ever since and you will be able to purchase the album on Feb. 25th on all major music stores or stream the album on Pandora or Spotify.

Building up to the release Axel has let loose two singles. The first single being “Teriyuma” and the second being Fountain of Youth featuring vocals from Liz Glow. Both singles can be streamed below.

This release begins what will be a busy 2014 for Axel as he plans to tour very heavily in the coming months. All of the proceeds of the album will go toward funding the tour so your support is greatly appreciated. In the meantime lets get him past 400 facebook likes… Sound good? 

Axel Roger AEON

Download Platos and Socrates now!

It’s finally here!

S/o to Miss @Miekage on the visuals for the track.

Here is a list of the places you can get the single:

iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Grooveshark, Spotify, Rdio, 7Digital, Sony Qriocity, Amazon On Demand, Muve Music, Slacker, Blackberry BBM Music, WiMP, Zvooq, iHeartRadio, AT&T, Simfy live, 121 Music, Deezer, Rhapsody, eMusic, We7, Basepoint Media, BeatPort, Juno, Dance Tunes, Track it Down, Audio Jelly, MediaNet, 24/7 Entertainment, and FargoTube!

Don’t forget about the sticker giveaway and to like and rate the song when you download it!

If it links in the paragraph above you can get it now!!! 

Platos and Socrates Giveaway!

With the release of Axel Roger’s “Platos and Socrates we would like to introduce a promotion.

If you send us a screenshot or picture of your purchase of the single we will send you an exclusive Platos and Socrates sticker!

All you have to do is tweet the picture/screenshot to @WeAreAME OR @WhatisRoger, follow the page, and tell us what you love about the track (or Axel) and you will get your sticker!

Below are examples of the to sticker options. Design 1 on top and Design 2 on the bottom.

sticker template

sticker template2

We are excited to be able to bring you this offer and there will be plenty more to come as we start getting merch in.

If you participate in this promotion you will be placed on the “Top Fans” page and your purchase will earn you points toward special offers in the future when we have giveaways, they can earn you discounts on merch,  or even previews of upcoming music!

If you don’t have twitter we still want you to be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Send an email to with your screenshot/picture.

After you send us the tweet we’ll contact you to pick your sticker and get the info we need to send it to you!

The deal won’t be around forever so as soon as the single comes live jump on it!

The next post will have the list of sites where you can get the single.

PLEASE Review and rate the track too!


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